Author: Marlon Grech

AvalonControlsLibrary is a set of WPF controls that helps WPF developers while developing applications. The library includes a Date picker, Time Picker, DataGrid and loads of other cool controls…


Author: Pavan Podila

This is a WPF library containing a powerhouse of controls, frameworks, helpers, tools, etc. for productive WPF development.
If you have ever heard of Drag and Drop with Attached properties, ElementFlow, GlassWindow, this is the library that will contain all such goodies.


Author: Jeremiah Morrill

The VideoRendererElement allows for high-performance, custom video in WPF.
With the VideoRendererElement, a developer can update a pixel buffer or video media sample and have it render in WPF space at MediaElement speed. It is compatible with GDI, DirectShow and direct pixel updates.

WPF MediaBridge

Author: Jeremiah Morrill

Now obseleted by the VideoRendererElement, this library let you get reference to the DirectShow graph running in the MediaElement. Even though VideoRendererElement is much more flexible, some may find it useful.

WPF Win32 Renderer

Author: Jeremiah Morrill

Allows for old Win32 controls to exist within WPF airspace so it can be used on 3D and/or compositing and still remain interactive.


Author: Peter O’Hanlon

Goldlight is a WPF MVVM framework aimed at developing rich internationalized MVVM WPF application. It provides support for validating and editable VMs out of the box, along with multi-threaded observable and editable collections support baked into the framework.

MVVM Foundation

Author: Josh Smith

A library of classes that are very useful when building applications based on the Model-View-ViewModel philosophy. The library is small and concentrated on providing only the most indispensable tools needed by most MVVM application developers.

JulMar MVVM Helper Library

Author: Mark Smith

Implements a full MVVM framework including validation + editing support, event to command mapping, input to command mapping and a simple Mediator + Service Locator. It also includes a variety of other helper classes such as threaded collections and dictionaries, useful value converters and several behavior and actions for Blend.

MVVM Light Toolkit

Author: Laurent Bugnion, GalaSoft

The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components (classes, project and item templates, code snippets) making the development of Model-View-ViewModel applications in Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation easier. This toolkit is specially made to facilitate work in Expression Blend (“blendability”). It is also a work in development, with frequent new releases.

WPF MediaKit

Author: Jeremiah Morrill

A library to quickly build DirectShow and MediaFoundation media player controls in WPF. The kit comes with a MediaElement replacement, a VideoCaptureElement for web cams and a DVDPlayerElement that plays DVDs and supports interactive menus.


Author: Daniel Vaughan

Calcium is a modular application toolset leveraging the Composite Application Library (PRISM). It provides much of what one needs to rapidly build a multifaceted and sophisticated modular application. Calcium comes in two flavours, WPF and Silverlight


Author: Daniel Vaughan

Clog is a customizable log provider system that allows you to harness your existing logging system to log client side messages to your server using WCF. Includes Silverlight and WPF sample applications.

WPF NotifyIcon

Author: Philipp Sumi

This is an alternative implementation of a NotifyIcon (system tray icon) for the WPF platform. It does not just rely on the corresponding WinForms component, but is a purely independent control which leverages several features of the WPF framework in order to display rich tooltips, popups, context menus, and balloon messages.


Author: Sacha Barber

Which is a fully function MVVM framework that makes it dead simple to construct robust MVVM apps with ease. It utilises IOC to allow mock services to be injected and provides support for such things as attached behaviours/weak events/dialogs/threading

Cinch Code Generator

Author: Sacha Barber

A code generator to allow the creation of Cinch ViewModels in a matter of minutes.


Author: Walt Ritscher

The goal of Shazzam is to make it simple to edit and test WPF Pixel Shader Effects.

Attached Command Behaviours

Author: Marlon Grech

With Attached command behaviours you can trigger an ICommand when any event of a control is fired

Avalon Lambdas

Author: Marlon Grech

With this library you can write lambda expressions within your XAML. Example: If you want to bind to a Width of an element but divide it by 2.

Mediator for MVVM

Author: Marlon Grech

This is an implementation of the Mediator pattern for MVVM. The implementation works for both WPF and Silverlight.

10 responses

30 08 2008
Rob Martin

As being most of the Wpf disciples most hated and trashed person. (lol) which never was my intention. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve decided to carry on with converting one of my largest projects to WPF. Since Vincent Sibal has given a lot of help on his new DataGrid of which I applaud the entire team and since vs sp1 has come out it appears to be pretty stable. In fact I’m considering creating a blog just for people who are frustrated with learning WPF. I have a feeling that there are a lot of people just like me who where not getting it. But you really can’t blame these people. If any of you have ever learned COBOL. To me moving to WPF was like moving from MSBASIC to COBOL. Anyone that’s ever been in that position would be pissed off and you really get tired of re-writing code. Maybe it’s just my age showing but I have never had so much trouble moving from one language to another and I feel I should apologize for my comments and behavior. But the next time you guys run accross someone like me, try and discover what there real problems are, there may just be a few really easy things that they don’t understand that come super easy for you.


27 07 2009


I have question about Behavior

Like a Control ( [ToolboxBrowsable(false)] ), it is possible to hide a behavior in the asset library?



15 10 2009
WPF Disicples Resources Page updated « C# Disciples

[…] Disicples Resources Page updated Hey all… I just updated the Resources Page for the WPF Disciples blog. There are loads of goodies in one place… Loads of MVVM […]

15 10 2009
1 11 2009


Does anyone know how to draw hierarchal lines to child nodes in a WPF Treeview….

In VS2008 for instance the treeview has lines drawn from parent to child nodes.

In a WPF treeview there does not appear to be a simple property to set…..

Can you use data templates in conjunction with control templates or are they mutually exclusive….


5 11 2009

With all of the MVVM implementations (too many to list here) out there and much of the code/techniques have been admittedly influenced or outright borrowed from other MVVM implementations…. Can’t the members in the blogroll list discuss/argue the merits of their approach in a public forum and then come together and create a ‘guidance’ MVVM (full/light/Silverlight/Blendable) ??? Yes it’s a pattern, but for a beginner looking at nth MVVMs out there, there has to be a better way than another guru showcasing their ‘MVVM of the day’.

If the WPF Disciples group is going to live up to it’s line ‘We move the world forward’, then checking the egos at the door, coming together as a group and agreeing on a merit based / well thought out MVVM approach would be very well received.

29 01 2013

Exactly how long did it take u to compose “Resources WPF Disciples”?
It has got loads of beneficial material. Thanks a lot ,Alissa

27 02 2013

“Resources | WPF Disciples” ceoblogwatch was in fact in fact entertaining and instructive!
Within modern world that’s really difficult to do.
Many thanks, Jane

5 10 2013
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31 03 2020
Chun Dong

I found the code here are very interesting and helpful. May I ask if all the source code has any copy right to use? Thanks!

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