Sacha Barber

Sacha Barber - The Ghostbuster!Sacha grew up in the middle of the rainforest in North Queensland Australia. Sacha spent most of his spare time as a youth eating way too much sugar cane, swimming with freshwater crocodiles (crocs for those in the know) and being rad on his BMX. One day his dad shipped him of to his mum in the UK, where he had deviations (before finding the only path) into the electronics and music technology areas (Sacha used to run a hardcore techno record label), before meeting a mad (Phd Maths mad) chap who introduced him to .NET 1.0. And that was it…..young Sacha was in love.

Of late Sacha has been back to Uni to gain a BSc and an MSc….He was top of his class in both, and got a 1st and a passed with distinctions for his Msc. His passion for all things C# have earned him (and he is stoked about it) both a Microsoft C# MVP 2008, and a Codeproject MVP 2008.

Sacha writes articles for fun and also attempts to keep up with Marlon Grech and Karl Shifflett in the blog stakes. Though he knows he is on a hiding to nothing as they are vampires or undead and just don’t sleep. Sacha needs sleep from time to time.

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2 12 2009
John Collins

Have you ever considered doing a Code Project article for the new ESRI Silverlight/WPF Map control? There are a lot of examples for silverlight, but none for WPF (that I can find) and nothing utilizing the MVVM Framework.
I know you have done some mapping stuff in the past as was just curious if you had looked into the new ESRI stuff. I think it would be increadibly useful to the community if someone as smart as you could put out a real world example of the WPF portion. It doesn’t get a lot of play in the blogs/code examples.

Just curious if you had considered it.

Thanks for you time.

14 01 2010
paul doss

i was wondering if you are the same Sacha Barber i used to often babysit for Stan and Judy Barber when we all lived at Eudlo/Queensland ? if you are, i last saw Stan in Western Australia when he stayed with me while waiting for his wife and son to arrive back from the UK. i lost contact but understand that Stan moved the family to northern Queensland , that is why i wondered if you are the same person i knew when he was a child .i would be happy to know one way or the other please ……………..hava bonza day matey ………………Paul M Doss

24 01 2011


Sorry I only just came across this post, and yes I am that chap, Stan and Judy are my parents.

25 04 2010
maral azizi

hi sacha
im very plseasure to read ur article
they help me alot! 🙂
i wish u more success

19 03 2011
Jean Fèvre

Hi Sacha,
I am currently ddevlopping a multimedia text editor in WPF for my company. The editor is based on RichTextEdit.
I have a problem : I want to drag and drop JPEG file on the editor. I want to intercept the drop before RichTextEdit doess it to put the image in a floater and just before the current paragraph ?
any idea to help me ?

thanks in advance

20 04 2011

Diagramming tool Using WPF…is it the right choice?
First of all I apologize for asking this as wrong place. I tried getting your contact to ask my query and I ended up getting this place.

I am building a diagramming tool that will import an SVG as background and then create a network like diagram on top of it.
The objects that i will be using to draw diagram will also be SVG files.

So I would like to know whether the WPF is the way to go or something else?

Thank you
Bharat Mane

23 12 2015
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es nicht verwunderlich, daß es mit dem Beifüttern besser klappt.

6 03 2016

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8 03 2016
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27 03 2016
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7 04 2016

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