Rudi Grobler

Rudi GroblerRudi Grobler is a software developer from sunny South Africa. His main are of interest is development in the embedded space (His day-to-day job). In the last 10 years Rudi interfaced to various devices in the embedded space ranging from Graphic LCDs using parallel port, various bill acceptors, RoboHum, smart card readers, Wii remote, data acquisition devices, petrol pumps and much, much more!

About 2 years ago, he received a copy of Charles Petzold’s WPF book and fell in love… After reading the book 3 times, Rudi started blogging more and more about WPF!

Read more about Rudi on his blog:


2 responses

20 04 2011

Hi Rudi

I’m strugling to get my services working after publishing my silverlight application, if iyou have any idea wthat could be causing this please help.

7 01 2016
Valerie Hoffman

Good day Rudi,

Kindly contact me on 084 660 8970.

Valerie Hoffman

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