Peter O’Hanlon

Pete started off his professional development career developing applications in C/UNIX, before moving to C++ and Windows back in the early 90s. After 10 years clearly stating that anybody who wanted to program in anything other than C++ was mad and that understanding ATL was necessary if you wanted to achieve coding Nirvana, Pete discovered C# when the .NET Beta for 1.0 first came out. At this point Pete, being the principled man that he is, quickly and quietly ditched C++ like a frumpy old girlfriend and made the leap wholeheartedly into managed code and managed to learn to love not having a dangling pointer.

Since then, Pete has developed applications in WinForms (oh how he loves being able to maintain state), and ASP.NET (the joy and beauty of great looking applications, but oh, the pain of statelessness). Then something wonderful happened to Peter. He discovered the joy of declarative code and WPF. At first, it seemed strange and alien to Peter, but he persisted, studying at the feet of the Maharishi Josh Smith and 10th Dan Adam Nathan. The veil was lifted, and he made the leap to writing properly data bound applications, transforming his development abilities so that he now cracks out applications like a leaping gazelle.

Oh yes, Pete has also run his own software business, where paperwork and meetings takes way too much time away from developing. Pete wonders why he spends so much time referring to himself in the third person, and maintains a blog which he sometimes remembers to write on at


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