Matt Duffield

Matt Duffield

Matt Duffield is a .NET architect designing and developing enterprise applications. He specializes in .NET and SQL Server with an emphasis on WPF, Silverlight, and mobile development. He also architects and designs dashboard, business intelligence, data warehouse, and data mining solutions. He has an MSCD.NET certification and also is a Microsoft MVP.

Matt has his own consulting company but works fulltime as the solutions architect designing city government software in Silverlight and WPF and Azure. He has created a code generation platform that utilizes metadata and runs 100% in Silverlight. Users and developers can design and preview their screens, menus, data bases, etc. right inside Silverlight. He is also the author of a dashboarding system that allows user to define disparate database dashboards in a manner that is very much like using Query Manager for dashboard query authoring and a preview wizard that allows you to review and assign security to your dashboards as well.

He really loves the power of XAML and how much easier it is to focus on the user experience than it was in the Windows Forms days when you had to roll up your sleeves and get ‘er done with Win32 API calls.

Matt speaks regularly at User Groups, Code Camps, SQL Saturdays in the Charlotte and surrounding areas. You can read his blog at

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10 02 2012
Royston D

Hi Matt,
I’m interested in learning WPF but all i keep hearing is that its dead or will soon die, is that true.? i plan on taking a class in the next 2 weeks, please respond asap before i register for the class. thank you.

11 02 2012
Karl Shifflett


WPF is going no where. Your making a wise investment in WPF. Microsoft is years away from delivering the next version of Windows that enterprise users will use.

XAML is a fantastic language for UI’s.



15 02 2012
Royston D

Thank you very much Karl for your quick response. i’ve started doing exercises already to be ahead of the class. i got one more question, do you know of a good website with a tutorial ?? thanks in advance.

11 03 2013

Thank your post.

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