Marlon Grech

Marlon Grech is a Consultant at Infusion Development. In his spare time, Marlon enjoys blogging on WPF and other XAML technologies.  Marlon is an addict for cutting edge .Net technologies and he tries to get his hands dirty with all new .Net stuff.

His soft spot in the infinite .NET stack is WPF and XAML technologies in fact he is the author of the MEFedMVVM which is a WPF/SL library for composite applications and other libraries such as Avalon Controls Lib.




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4 05 2008
Peter Morris

First I’d like to apologise for writing directly with a question, you probably get loads! I am hoping you can help me with a small problem, it is the only issue preventing me from convincing my boss to allow me to use WPF instead of WinForms.

I am using a

to show a grid of data. When I press Cursor Down the next row is selected as expected, when I scroll down past the lowest visible item the grid scrolls. However, when I set SelectedIndex via code I notice that the item selected is not brought into view.


Do you know how I can set the current row via code and have it made visible (preferably in the vertical centre of the grid, but just visible would be sufficient!).

Thankyou very much for your time!


4 05 2008
Karl Shifflett


Your question is missing some text. Can you update it for us?


14 04 2009

Hey … i stumbled upon ur MVVM + Mediator Article.
The Zip File containing the Source Code seems to be corrupt.

I tried it with winzip, 7zip and winrar…

14 04 2009

Urgs … ok, everythings fine :s
sorry :((

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