Karl Shifflett

Karl Shifflett “The Molenator” Karl “The Molenator” was a late bloomer beginning with WPF in April 2007.Soon after exploring this wonderful technology he joined the list of WPF fanatics. Over the last 20 years, Karl has developed line-of- business applications (LOB) on various operating systems. When he adopted WPF as his platform of choice he focused his energy on WPF as it relates to LOB applications.From his early days of WPF, he enthusiastically adopted Microsoft Expression Blend and viewed this fantastic tool as a developer and designer tool.

Karl is a regular speaker at developer meetings and Code Camps. He is a WPF, & Blend evangelist encouraging developers to learn and adopt WPF for the business application development.

Karl is a member of Team Mole that delivered the Visual Studio visualizer Mole and is the author of the super popular XAML Power Toys, XAML Power Toys for Cider and the XAML Editor IntelliSense Extension.

Karl is currently working at Infragistics as a Platform Architect.

You can read Karl’s ramblings here https://oceanware.wordpress.com/


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