Josh Smith

Josh SmithJosh Smith is way past the point of having a healthy balance between WPF and the rest of life. He has been working with WPF since it was known as Avalon, and still loves it more every day. His primary vehicles for dislodging WPF encumbrances are his blog and CodeProject articles. Microsoft and CodeProject both thought it fitting to give Josh their MVP titles, for which he is most grateful.

Two of his more important contributions to the WPF community are a debugger visualizer for Visual Studio called Mole and a skinnable podcast player named Podder. He is now happily employed by Infragistics, working in their Experience Design Group. During those brief moments away from a computer, Josh plays baroque keyboard music on the piano, reads about history and philosophy, and spends time with his lovely girlfriend exploring the madness that is Manhattan.


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28 03 2009
Sven (student)

Hi Josh,

wanted to give you feedback on Crack.NET but where? I see no e-mail address and on your blog comments are closed…

I’ve got it working with my .NET-WF-App, but as Dependeny-Properties don’t work it’s pretty useless (I see nowhere “Data”).

Could you give me a hint how to extend it? I want to give to the users of my rehosted WF-Designer the possibility to debug into a running workflow and inspect property values and so on…

Thanks a lot for any hint,

(computer science student)

16 07 2009
Joey Wood

Hey Josh,

Sorry to leave you a comment here, but I don’t know how else to contact anyone from the WPF Disciples group. There is a new as-of-yet undocumented feature of the Blend 3 RC where you can use “d:DataContext” to use a design time data context that works with the data binding property editor. It is mentioned in a discussion forum post here:
I’ve tried it out and it works, although the Blend 3 interface does not appear to let you set it graphically. You have to use it by editing the xaml by hand. I am curious about your thoughts on this.


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