Dr. WPFDr. WPF is truly dedicated to the advancement of WPF (or, as she/he calls it, “the greatest client platform known to geekkind”).  The doctor has had a full time gig working with Avalon (that’s what WPF was called back when it had a cool name) since 2002

You can read Dr. WPF’s technical ramblings in this corner of the blogosphere and often in the WPF Forum.  The doctor loves to defend the platform, criticize its shortcomings, argue the benefits of the developer/designer workflow, refer to silverlight as “the iridescent thong”, and solve really tough problems in very elegant ways using the power of WPF.  If asked what makes WPF so cool, the homily that follows will usually include phrases like “data driven UI”, “rich property metadata”, “lookless control model”, “two-pass layout cycle”, and “routed events and commands”.

Not much is known about the person behind the persona, but if Brownie is to be believed, Dr. WPF is a man who looks something like the character to the left.  Dr. WPF maintains that the actual person is much less interesting than the persona.

15 responses

30 03 2008
Mike Brown

LOL I love it!

13 08 2008

Pleased to meet you Doctor 😉

30 01 2009
Swapon Chandra Dahs

I like your approach Dr. WPF.

21 05 2009

Finally! a truly great WPF figure we can all rally behind! ha ha

27 01 2010
Biju Joseph

Great. Congratulations on this attempt.

16 02 2011

Hi, I love working in WPF features.
Nice to see your blog Mr.WPF

21 05 2011
Kredit Schufafrei

Spot on with this write-up, I truly think this website needs rather more consideration. I’ll most likely be once more to learn much more, thanks for that info.

2 06 2011
Trotz Schufa

Cool stuff on this site, thanks !

11 07 2011

Are you gone Dr WPF, Are you not developing WPF any more?

26 09 2011

Helpful article, thanks !

25 06 2012

Dr WPF, I’m truly behind you supporting you in all the ways, good way to go Dr

6 07 2012

Are you there, Dr. Wpf? I need some help with a multi-column listbox…

22 07 2012

Hello Dr.Wpf i need some help handling device reset in d3dimage and directx unmanaged wrapper… it’s your project at http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/28526/Introduction-to-D3DImage..

My Regards,

31 03 2013
DSL trotz Schufa

Dear Wpfdisciples,
Speaking of which, If I am creating a silverlight video game and I want to handle multiple keydown events, like a player pressing the right and up arrow buttons at the same time, how do I do that, since KeyEventArgs only gives me the latest button that was pressed?

Is it by starting a storyboard based on the KeyDown and KeyUp events?

Also, any tips on not making the animated images blur so much? Thanks.
All the Best
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31 03 2018
Damon Tramonti

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