David Anson

Delay is the pseudonym of David Anson, a developer at Microsoft who spends his days helping develop WPF and Silverlight controls and applications that harness the power of the .NET platform.
He is the author of Delay’s Blog [http://blogs.msdn.com/Delay/] on which he shares a variety of technical tidbits, demonstrations of interesting concepts, and some downright nifty applications. He’s been working on open source software at Microsoft for a few years now and publishes the complete source code for just about everything he writes. His interests span most of computing – with specific focuses on WPF, Silverlight, security, and development fundamentals.


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20 01 2010
CSI – nyílt forráskódú C# Interpreter egészen a .NET 4.0-ás változatig terjedően David Anson-tól - Nacsa Sándor szakmai blogja - devPortal

[…] Disciples csoport a WordPress-en (Google diszkussziós csoportként működik még ma is), ahol a David Anson életrajz eként […]

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