WPF Disciples in 3D

31 03 2008

Welcome to the blog of the WPF Disciples group! This is the first post to our group’s blog. Recently, Josh Smith posted on his blog about an application that displays the items of an ItemsControl in a 3D panel. You can check it out here.

One thing that he did not mention is that the demo application contains pictures of several WPF Disciples. As you watch the images move along the carousel, you will see Karl Shifflett, Marlon Grech, Mike Brown, Sacha Barber, Josh Smith, and Dr. WPF. Basically, all of the people who currently have a bio on this blog will fly by you in 3D when you run the program. The ultimate geek accomplishment! 😀

WPF Disciples in 3D

(click on the image to see the full-size version)

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31 03 2008


1 04 2008

Neat! Now i won’t have to keep all your blogs open in my browser, just this one. 😀

1 04 2008
Josh Smith

If only life were so simple, Chev! 🙂

1 04 2008
Karl Shifflett


You are The Man with endless creative ideas and programming skills!



29 05 2008

How can I get the pictures to appear larger within the carousel? I’ve tried resizing in the xAML but all it does is distort the image…

2 04 2009
Ali Sali

That’s funny :}
But… when i run the “”WPF Performance Suite” all the rendering is software and my cpu usage is up to 100% every time when the picture is changing. :}
And is there some way to make this thing to work on hardware rendering? :}

23 07 2012

In WPF (and Silver-light 4) you can further separate the dependencies by the use of Data-templates instead of a view. This allows you to just “Show” your View Model and the WPF binding engine will understand that the Type should be template d by the Data Template. Very nice for testing.

24 08 2012

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24 08 2012

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4 09 2012

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28 09 2012
Sharmy (@EnterSharmy)

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30 11 2012

Sounds interesting … I’ll see how I can piece together a news-reader-like view in ElementFlow. I think that next task is to get hold of some free time!

30 11 2012

Reblogged this on Visit Vietnam Journey.

24 07 2013

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26 07 2013

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